Immigration services
Moving to Mexico  Intrasolutions can manage your immigration process whereby the client only has to attend the immigration office once to give fingerprints. The types of visas available are: Visitor - 180 days duration - the visitor needs to check that they do not need a pre-qualified visa obtained in their country of residence Temporary read more
Employment Outsourcing
If a foreign company does not want to incorporate a company but still needs to employ people in Mexico then Intrasolutions can help in this case. We can recruit the employees, register them in Intrasolutions (where they enjoy full benefits under Mexican employment law) and then lend their services back to the company. This arrangement read more
Business Incorporation
Registering a Business in Mexico We specialise in assisting foreign companies or individuals to incorporate their business. The average time for the process is 3 to 4 weeks from name selection through to having an up and running registered entity. Intrasolutions can source offices, register trademark(s), bank accounts and executive relocation services We can also read more